Liquid, Dry or Wax Vape?

Liquid, Dry or Wax Vape?

Vaping has become a common method of ingesting CBD as it’s main advantage is a quick delivery of it’s therapeutic benefits.  In my effort to learn more about CBD I have tried all three forms of vaping.  This is my experience with vaping CBD. My initial introduction to CBD was an effort to find a natural alternative to help my wife with her migraines and anxiety. I ordered a prefilled liquid vape pen online that had a lot of great reviews.  Unfortunately, she didn’t feel that it was helping her but I found it helped me with my eye strain and headaches.  I do 3D graphic animation and renderings and sometimes experience a lot of eye strain when reviewing my models.  This eye strain can result in a headache that can last for days.  On one such occasion, I decided to try the liquid vape pen during my lunch break and to my surprise my eye strain and headache were gone by the end of my break.  CBD’s worked for me and I was intrigued to continue to learn more and try other forms.

The liquid vape pen was a good introduction to vaping CBD for me.  Although, I do not smoke regularly, I found the liquid vape draw to be very smooth and tolerable.  It was near odorless so smelling like smoke is not an issue and makes it more convenient to use in public.  Filling the pen with CBD oil may result in spills but the clean up is fairly easy.  I have discovered that there is a variety of available liquid CBD options to choose and the delivery of CBD is consistent though the experienced CBD benefit may vary with each brand.

Next I decided to try the dry vape pen as I really enjoy the different aromas that come with the variety of flowers.  I bought a dry vape pen and some locally grown flower. I loaded the dry vape pen with the flower product and gave it a try.  As I am not a regular smoker, I found the draw to be very harsh and aromatic taste attributes seem lost after burning.  The smoke smell is very strong which can be limiting on where and when you can smoke and it does require regular cleaning.  I found that the variety of flower product may be limited depending on your location and the therapeutic benefits may vary with the quality and the packing of the flow 4. Finally, do your homework and checkout user reviews and recommendations. These can be very helpful in steering you through the myriad of CBD products and vendors. Start simple and slow to save money and as with anything, you get what you pay for so stick to certified CBD products. er product.  Overall the experience was disappointing.

My final purchase was a wax vape pen.  I had read reviews that the concentrates are a more potent form of CBD and so trying this form last seemed fitting.  At the CBD store, there was variety of CBD concentrates to choose.  I settled on Pineapple Express for it’s uplifting attributes.  Loading the product seemed fairly easy with no mess or cleanup.  I took a few puffs and could taste the distinct aromatic flavor.  The draw was not as smooth as the liquid vape but not as harsh as the dry vape and the vape was nearly odorless.  I experienced the therapeutic benefits fairly quickly and with a little more intensity.

In summary, I believe the liquid vape pen to be the best option for those who are new to vaping CBD as it is convenient and the draw is very tolerable. The dry vape pen option is best for seasoned smokers who don’t mind the harsh draw and strong smell.  The wax vape pen is good for those who are looking for stronger CBD therapeutic benefits.  Whatever form you choose, it is important to consider the quality and therapeutic benefits that each products claims to provide to experience optimum results.  Good Luck!

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